2020 Easter Information

With the COVID-19 situation, things could rapidly change.  Please check back for updates - or check our Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.

At this time we are anticipating still having out storefront portion closed - and doing curbside service only.  FOR EASTER PICKUP we are working out the best logistical way to handle this - please check back for pickup instructions.


At this point we are recommending that if you'd like any bakery products for April 10-11, you place an order ASAP.  Our team is working hard to come up with a plan that will best let us serve you.  We are still working out logistically what volume we can handle - we will be cutting off certain items when we hit maximums as well as having to eliminate some items for this year.  We are also going to be limited on total number of orders!

Reminder - as always, we are closed Easter Sunday.

This is a sampling of our Easter offerings.  Items vary year to year, so please check our current seasonal offerings each year.

Please note on egg shaped cakes, Hen on Nest Cake, and Rabbit Cakes, the typical icing is a fondant - the same icing found on our petit fours.