What are your regular hours?

  • Tuesday 7am-5pm
  • Wednesday 7am-5pm
  • Thursday 7am-5pm
  • Friday 7am-5pm
  • Saturday 6:30am-5pm
  • Sunday Temporarily Closed

Where are you located?  Do you have more that one location?

We only have the one location.  We are located at:

3940 Shelbyville Rd        Louisville,  KY  40207

Do you take orders?

Absolutely!   If you want to be sure to get something, the best way is to call and place an order.  During the holiday season we sometimes have an order deadline to ensure that we are able to produce everything ordered.  We recommend if you are ordering for a holiday to order at least 3 days ahead of time.   Due to staffing issues -  if you need a decorated cake we suggest you order early.  Weekends may be limited to pre-decorated cakes that we can easily add your message to.

How do I place an order?

For most items, we only take orders two ways: on the phone or in person. To place an order over the phone, call us at either 502.895.8223 or 502.896.4438. Or if you'd prefer, you can come in and place your order in person.

We do offer a limited number of items that me be ordered online.  These are items that you could typically walk in and purchase from our cases.  No customizations (other than adding a message to a cake) may be done via online ordering - those items still must be ordered in person or over the phone.

Are you open every day?

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, all year round. We do, however, close on major holidays. We are almost always closed on:

  • New Years Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • December 26th

Do you take wedding appointments?

It's best to make an appointment for a consultation to sit and talk with someone about weddings. This will ensure that we have someone onsite who can talk to you about your needs and what you are looking for in a wedding. We can take appointments Monday thru Saturday from 9a until3p.  We do have some days (before Easter, Derby, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) where we do not do wedding consults.

Do you charge by the serving for wedding cakes?

We do not have a set price per slice / per person for cakes. Our wedding cake prices depend on a number of factors including: cake size (both number of tiers as well as size of tiers), cake flavors, icing flavors, fillings (if desired), as well as the actual design of the cake.

How long have you been open?  What's your history?

Plehn's first opened in 1922 on Shelby Street. The bakery was started by Kuno Plehn, a native of Kiel, Germany. In 1924 he moved the bakery to it's current St. Matthews location in 1924. An "ice cream works" was added in 1927. Kuno Plehn was one of the founder's of the Retail Baker's of America (RBA).

During the 1937 flood, the bakery was one of the few in town that could make bread. They ran their mixers with a belt from a truck outside. People came from all over town to get bread during this time.

In 1945, Kuno sold the business to his nephew, Bernie Bowling, Sr. He was also very active in the RBA, serving as president and treasurer for many years.

In 1980, he sold the business to several of his sons, as well as a gentlemen he treated like another son.   Since then the business has been sold to their children, making the current owners the fourth generation of the family to own Plehn's.

How do you pronounce your name?

Plehn's - like planes that you fly in, or plain.